Thursday, February 14, 2008

Possible Adventure idea

Ok, so Steve's comment on "What If" got me thinking about modern20 adventures.

Here's an idea:

A leading astophysicist recently announced that an asteroid, projected by most scientists to narrowly miss the Earth, will in fact hit it. He was kidnapped while leaving his lecture.

The government has charged the PCs with finding the scientist and bringing those responsible to justice. Early reports indicate a UFO cult is responsible.

The adventure would have a "believer" option (aliens *ARE* involved) and a "skeptic" option (aliens? pffffft)

What do ya'll think?


Steve Peterson said...

I definitely think the believer and skeptic options would be a great inclusion -- perhaps, if it doesn't take too much work, even include short write-ups of different explanations: UFO, no paranormal, Cthulhoid, Biblical (tie in to Blood & Relics?).

The alternatives also serve double-duty since they work as red herrings in whatever the GM chooses as their true explanation.

Thrasymachus X said...

I like the idea of multiple endings to the adventure- gives GMs flexibility for use in their campaigns. Steve's red herrings point is pretty good too.

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