Monday, February 18, 2008

So, I'm writing a web novel

It's called the Hellstrom Voyage. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Pretty wicked cool. I enjoyed Chpt 1 & 2. Good sea faring fun.

The shape-shifting, female first-mate seems like a hard characterization to pull off. But I'm excited to see how you do it. I think my favorite character is the metal-headed officer.

I feel quite tantalized by all the casually mentioned tid-bits.

Chuck said...


Glad you're enjoying it so far.

I am really enjoying writing this, so I hope you continue to enjoy it as we go.

Masada said...

Do you want any sort of feedback comments on this project? Or should we just enjoy it as is?

I suppose an offshoot question is whether this will be re-developed in to something else (i.e. a book, short story, etc).

Sometimes I write short little snippets of something that's stuck in my head, but its all for fun and I'll never go back to it again. But occasionally I think I'd like a crack at professional grade publishing--in which case I'd seek feedback.

Which is this? Fun or Feedback? For what a single avid fiction fan's opinion is worth...

Chuck said...

Feedback is welcome.

As for what the story is/will become, it's mostly a learning process for me, as someone whose longest writing has been the snippets of fiction in rpg books.

But I do intend to make money on it somehow, what way that ends up being is still up in the air.

Publishing the novel through Lulu for those who want a print copy, selling game products of the world, even selling future chapters as PDF are all under consideration.

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