Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What would YOU like to see me write?

Serious question.

Let's say I owed you a big favor and what you wanted in return was a book written for you and only you.

What would it be about? What system would it be under?


AccidentalFraser said...

I know you've done Fantasci, but I'd be interested in something closer to Flash Gordon or John Carter of Mars--that kind of science fantasy.

True20 or Modern20, they both rock, though the genre kind of begs for Savage Worlds.

mikelaff said...

Title: Superhero Martial Arts.

Desc: Supplement that focuses on the subgenre that encompasses characters such as: the Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Karate Kid, Lady Shiva, Richard Dragon, Batroc,Shang-Chi (aka Master of Kung Fu) and Connor Hawke. New fighting styles, both unarmed and weapons styles (ie -combination of feats maybe with synergy bonuses), new martial arts feats etc. Some pregen'd PCs/NPCs (Unpowered Kung Fu Artist(Daredevil, Lady Shiva), Street Fighting Hero (Luke Cage), Arcane Martial Artist (Iron Fist) and some setting fluff and campaign models to tie it all up.

System: Supers20 or Mutants and Masterminds.

Walt said...

Wow... Both of those sound really good...


P.S. You are working Apocolypse20 ... You already worked mine... I happy

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