Friday, July 17, 2009

Mecha Omega= crazy

I actually think Mecha Omega might be the craziest, most yahoo idea I've ever had, a title that has been held by Blood and Relics for the longest time.

It's a combination of mechs, power rangers, star wars, alien invasion, the Avengers, heroic legends, chariots of the gods and masonic conspiracy theories.


mikelaff said...

if you could just work in Steampunk, ninjas and Cthulu, you'd have everything!

Dr. Comics said...

It kind of has a little Stargate vibe going on, which I like, because I can't run a Stargate game without taking into account hundreds of hours of TV episodes, which I have not watched. Now if I want to do a Stargate thing, I can use Mecha Omega instead.

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