Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Possible cover for Arthur Lives

Hmmm. I've been looking for something to make it clear that this is MODERN fantasy. Maybe sword, plus staff, plus assault rifle?

What do y'all think?


mikelaff said...

Going to be hard to do with clip art.

A collage of some of these images from this art pack ( --- maybe with the kid with the sword front and center (or maybe just that kid) --- is what I'd recommend just off the cuff.

Steve Peterson said...

Lancelot on a Harley wielding a nickle-plated Desert Eagle?

I think the sword and assault rifle works well, but in the graphic the assault rifle is a little dark and I didn't see it at first.

mikelaff said...

a variation on my first suggestion:
Have a black+white/faded image in the background of a typical fantasy swordsman. Next to him -- or in the foreground -- have a larger and full color image of the modern swordsman from that art pack. Kind of conveys the "Arthur Reborn" tone.

RPGObjects_chuck said...

Yeah, I have some more modern weapon images... maybe one would stand out more.

Still, I liked the cover I had before, with just the sword and staff. It's simple and looks good as a thumbnail.

So between the gun and the "modern tales of the once and future king" line, it seems we can convey the setting to MOST people.

I'm really just fussing at this point lol.

Dr. Comics said...

Steve, it's great to see you here. I wish I had the money to commission an artist to draw Lancelot on a Harley with a Desert Eagle.

What just occurred to me is the cover of Invisibles volume 3 #2, with the Lady of the Lake's hand coming up out of the water, holding a pistol That would so rock.

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