Monday, July 06, 2009

Down the pipe?

Yeah, been quiet for awhile.

Sometimes the writing doesn't go well, and then the only thing I know how to do is go into bunker mode.

Turns out, if you bang your head against a wall long enough, the wall gives- if your head is hard enough.

Anyhoo... down the pipe! Yes, that's where I was!

I am currently writing a conversion of Reality Deviant's classic True20 setting, Interface Zero, converting it to Modern20.

Modern20 cyberpunk has been one of the most requested additions to the line. Given that IZ does it better than I would, I took on the task of converting it myself.

I am also going to serve as editor for a completely new modern system being developed by an outside team. I was excited to be invited on board and when this gets to a stage where I can say more, I surely will.

And of course, Voyage of Discovery continues its Bataan death march-like shambling toward release. It really is getting close now.

I estimate VOD will be released at least 3 years before Duke Nukem Forever!

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mikelaff said...

completely new modern system....hmmmm.....

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