Monday, July 20, 2009


So apparently the latest "constroversy" to ravage the world of RPGs is that Johnathan Tweet played Swords and Wizardry and didn't think it was the greatest thing ever.

You'd think he ripped the game apart and declared it the gaming equivalent of breathing dead hippo but in fact, it seems he found the game a lot of fun and really fast to play but thought many of the rules were included for nostalgia's sake, not because they were better than what came after.

Got that?

A guy who designed 3rd edition thinks he did a good job and advanced the state of D&D game design.

Hold the f-ing phone.

And then you know what he did? He named specific rules, like SIX OF THEM, that he thought were objectively better in 3e than OD&D.


Seriously guys, this is a controversy?

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mikelaff said...

I'd say there are some baffling levels of rage in that thread.

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