Wednesday, July 15, 2009

War of the Roses- maybe now is the time

So with me currently dividing my efforts between freelancing and Vigilance Press (man, it really IS 2002 all over again!) I sat down and looked through my notes and half-finished games I've started over the years, and one jumped out at me.

I always did sort of feel I was the person meant to write this game somehow, not that there's been a huge line of dudes trying to beat me to it.

Still, maybe its time.


Dr. Comics said...

A War of the Roses game would be wonderful; if I had to run that game right now, I would probably use Green Ronin's new Song of Ice and Fire RPG.

Chuck said...

I have actually always thought True20 first for this book for some reason.

Dr. Comics said...

True20 or Savage Worlds would do a fine job, of course. I only mention SoIaF because it has rules for Intrigue, rules for Houses and Estates, and rules for quick mass combat. All of which you will at least want to think about.

But, of course, it is also not an open game system.

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