Friday, April 21, 2006

Trek Reboot? Possibly.

Well Trek Today, the site for all things trek has reported that Variety is saying a new movie has been greenlit by Paramount (less than a year after the end of Enterprise) to focus on a young Kirk and Spock and their first adventures together.

In charge of the movie you'll note is a hot young director and writing team (JJ Abrams) who has two hits on the air right now in the form of Alias and Lost.

This is good news.

I also note in the article that the new head of Paramount has made getting the studio's franchise properties back on track his top priority and that this 11th trek film was #2 on his list after the third Mission Impossible movie.

This is also good news.

Being the geek that I am, I of course immediately went to the message board thread of trek today and lurked, watching what the faithful had to say about this.

As expected, the response ranges from awesome to WORST. IDEA. EVER.

However I am heartened by more of the former and very little of the latter, with the sweet spot of the bell curve seeming to be about where I am: if it's good, this is great news and if the movie is bad, well bad is never good news.

Personally I think a reboot of some sort is called for. We have seen the Roddenberry era come and go. We have now seen (it appears) the Rick Berman era come and go (thank you Jeebus).

There was a pretty big difference in tone and feel between the Roddenberry and Berman eras and I would expect nothing less of a similar change in feel this time.

Consider me cautiously optimisitc. Lost is great, Alias is even better, so to me this news registers as good. Star Trek is a priority at Paramount again.



Prest0 said...

I'm sure the general fan acceptance of Star Trek: New Voyages played a role as well. I wonder if they're going to clamp down on it now?

Chuck said...

I doubt they'll clamp down on it, especially since Gene Roddenberry Jr. is a consultant on NV.

I also think the success of NV makes them think this could fly. The guys who just know, KNOW based on a one sentence plot summary that it's going to be the [Comic Book Guy]Worst. Movie. Ever.[/Comic Book Guy] would feel that way no matter WHAT they did, so I ignore those people.

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