Saturday, April 29, 2006

Belle Speak

You listen:

Still, there seems to be some sense floating around the pundit class that
those on the left who were wrong about invading Iraq were wrong in an
interesting, morally meaningful way; wrong in the manner of a wrong Winston
Churchill, or something. But one who turned out to be totally wrong, as I
may have mentioned. That's just total bullshit and any of these people who
is now going on to advocate war with Iran should be roundly ignored. No,
they should be laughed at, and then ignored. And then maybe someone should
pistol-whip them a little.

I really try to avoid politics around here. But this point must be made. Strongly. Repeatedly. The same people who now think war with Iran is obviously the right and moral thing to do, and that it can be pulled out without feeding a large number of American service men into a blender and that anyone who thinks war with a nation that has not attacked you is a bad idea is a lame-ass wimpy unpatriotic hippie are the people who said these exact things about war with Iraq.

They were wrong then. About everything. And they are wrong now. Everyone really needs to get in the wayback and remember what people in the press and the government were saying in the buildup to our Mesopotamian Adventure.

Just to put an even finer point on this, even Pat freaking Buchanan gets it:

Thus, in March, 2003, Bush, in perhaps the greatest strategic blunder in
U.S. history, invaded an Arab nation that had not attacked us, did not want war
with us, and did not threaten us—to strip it of weapons we now know it did not

This message really needs to be heard. And repeated. Not the drumbeat that war is basically cool in a made for TV way.


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