Sunday, April 02, 2006

Star Trek: New Voyages vignette "Center Seat" released

What is New Voyages you ask? Imagine fans with a lot of film savvy and acting chops got together and made a fan film.

Now imagine it was really good, not something the Galaxy Quest kids made in their garage.

Now imagine that it was good enough that they got Gene Roddenberry Jr, Ron Moore (not that one the other one), FX supervisor for Trek for 18 years and DC Fontana to lend a hand behind the camera.

Now imagine they got Walter Koenig and George Takei to appear in episodes.

And its free.

That gives you an idea of what a special and unique fan project New Voyages is. People who used to get paid to make Star Trek but still love it enough that they want one last go with the original ship and crew.

Set in the "lost" final two years of the 5 year mission, with different actors playing most of the parts, New Voyages has two full episodes and one vignette out, with more on the way. The pace of production is slow because all the people involved are working out of pocket. But the results are as good as what you've seen on TV.

Better if you're talking about Enterprise.

Check out their latest vignette, "Center Seat" along with their two previous full-length episodes here.


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