Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dramatis Personae of the Roaring 20's

As we move into Blood and Time, we're going to be doing more historically themed sourcebooks. You already saw the first of these, Timeline: Roaring 20's.

In addition, we're going to be doing NPC supplements, usually through the dispatch, called "Dramatis Personae".

These books, like the Timeline books, will serve two masters: be great historical sourcebooks for strictly historical play or, when combined with Blood and Time make great resources for visiting that time.

This Dramatis Personae will give you stats, background and adventure hooks for: Frank Abbandando, Al Capone, Jack Dempsey, Nikolai Tesla, Edgar Cayce, Eliot Ness and Charles Lindbergh.

And although we're not quite ready to announce it yet, I'm also happy to say that I've already written a short historical set in the 20's that will have hooks for historical and time travel options.

Stay tuned...



Bobitron said...

I just noticed this Timeline series. This should help with on of the concerns I gave in my feedback.

I want Timelines: Thermopylae!

Chuck said...

If you mean that the timeline stopped at 1900, then yeah :)

It seemed like a good compromise.

Having already spent 5-6 weeks on just the timeline, I was ready to put it to bed.

Also, an overview of the 20th century wouldnt really help that much.

And of course finally, GMs have a much higher level of familiarty with 20th century history so shouldnt need as much help picking out the interesting eras to visit.

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