Sunday, April 16, 2006

Military vehicles underway

Ugh. Researching new military vehicle stats for the B&G II vehicle book.

This shit makes my head spin. Not the least of which because every source I read (yeah, I know, I multiple source- what a loser huh) disagrees with each other.

And of course as we all know, there are readers out there who know the difference in damage (rated in d20 Modern dice) between the TOW and the TOW II, so accuracy is crucial.



Steve Peterson said...

I've always found the big gun damage in d20 to be really problematic. For example, in action movies, some spud shooting at James Bond with a TOW should actually cause LESS damage than Scaramanga shooting at him with his tiny little pistol.

That said, when I was in Korea orders came down that the brass wanted to test a representative sample of all these old TOW missiles they had left over in storage for a long time, so they took us out to a range and had us fire off like 50 of the things! There was some broken wires (which typically meant the missile jetted into the air about half way downrange) but nowhere else would us grunts get the chance at a 250,000 dollar live-fire day.

Chuck said...

Yeah the damage is a little silly sometimes. I basically only include the big guns in B&G for vehicle combat.

The idea of firing one is pretty damn cool though.


Chuck said...

Btw, my comment about being able to instinctively know how damage a TOW does is from the boards.

During a post in which he nitpicked Blood and Guts to death, pointing out some errors, but mostly wondering why there wasn't MORE (it should have had everything I guess).

The poster said at one point "Im not sure if the TOW damage is wrong or not, because he doesn't say if its the TOW or the TOW II"

In other words, if he had known if it was the TOW or TOW II, he COULD have known if my damage was right.

I wish I had those kinds of mad cool skills.

I wish I still had the post but I believe it is lost to the ether.

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