Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ron Moore: Super Genius

Ron Moore, former TNG, DS9 and Voy writer-producer and now showrunner for the enormously successful (and just plain cool) Battlestar Galactica reboot proves once again that he understands the minds of his geek prey with a depth of knowledge that Kraven the Hunter would find terrifying:

Former Star Trek writer Ronald D. Moore, who is now the executive producer of the Battlestar Galactica revival, is interested in bringing that franchise more completely into the video game market.

The Hollywood Reporter (via Yahoo!) reported that although Battlestar Galactica was revived as a game at the same time that the miniseries aired on the Sci Fi Channel, Moore is interested in exploring interactive possibilities in the Galactica universe by way of games, which he called "a new medium and new technology for storytelling, which means there are a lot of things people haven't done yet and figured out yet." Other franchises such as Star Trek and The Godfather are exploring such technology.

Moore said that he has noticed the influence of gamers on how film and television are produced now, with a generation that grew up playing video games now working as directors, cinematographers and digital effects artists. "There's a lot of technical and stylistic impact that I'm aware of in my world," he explained. "It's been a bit of a surprise to people involved in studios and networks, the idea that people will soak up that type of detail and depth" possible in a gaming environment."

For a new Galactica game, it would have to be decided whether to set the scenario within the already established events of the series or whether to go "off into uncharted territory but taking it further away from the reason you watch the show in the first place", noted Moore. He said he would like to start a franchise across several mediums at once, on television and on the internet with a role-playing game. "Not every show or property will lend itself to that type of hybrid environment, but if you set it up from the get-go to design it that way, I think that's a really rich and interesting place for the business to go."

(via Hollywood Reporter via Yahoo Online via Trek Today)

That rocks. And no I don't mean that awful Doom movie with The Rock. *shudder*


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