Thursday, April 27, 2006

NPCs done: B&Time almost home

Done with the NPCs for Blood and Time. It should be out shortly. I don't know about you, gentle reader, but I am anxious to see it.

I always love seeing a finished book for the first time. As a writer you have books all to yourself for awhile. Then it gets shown to the playtesters and the boss and you fix things and compromise.

Then it gets released and its really out there. In a way it's like childbirth.

From then on it's no longer mine, it's yours.



Walt said...

Does the B&T book have an overall theme (such as time bandits or Time Cop) or is it a tool kit for running adventures across time? Are there going to be any Multi-Dimensional Madness ensuing in the book or is it straight time travel. Either way I am a big fan of the Blood and... books and I am looking forward to this.


Chuck said...

No theme, it provides a new occupation (Chrononaut), 3 new classes (the Anomaly, Time Enforcer, Temporal Historian).

A section on temporal mechanics, focusing on game effects- in other words, what do you need to take into account if time is easy to change as a GM? What if it's impossible to change?

It has a very extensive timeline, loaded with adventure hooks, from the big bang through 1900.

And it fills in the gaps in the weapon tables, with PL0-4 weapons.

PL 5 weapons are in Modern and PL 6-9 are in d20F. So between the books you get weapons of ever PL.


Chuck said...

Oops- and a campaign model as well, detailing the efforts of a near-future Temporal Enforcement Agency (TEA).

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