Monday, February 12, 2007

Fear the Boot Episode #18

I like the podcast, but this is exactly what's wrong.

They spend two episodes (this and the one after it) talking about a company that's out of business.

And they laugh about the fact that maybe they should have that much devotion to a company that's managed to stay in business.

Yeah, it depresses me too.

Btw... anyone remember when Mike Stackpole talked about why FASA was going to outlive TSR? lol.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's like being an artist. You're not valuable until you're dead.

Chuck said...

So I can work and starve, secure in the notion that, like van Gogh my work will make someone else millions after I'm gone?

Comforting ;)

Anonymous said...

You're on the right track, but I think you're missing the real lesson here. We need to find some dead guy from whose work we can mooch millions. :D

Daniel M. Perez said...

In slight defense of the Fear the Boot guys (whom I know and correspond with somewhat regularly), this was both an episode recorded a long time ago and a view that has somewhat begun to change.

One of the great things about FtB is that it is made by these guys who, up until they started making the podcast, were blissfully isolated from the larger community and industry; it's not like they didn't know what was coming out, but they stayed in 3.0 and Battletech still rules their world. As the podcast has gone on, they have had no choice but to be exposed to the larger community, and episodes like this one you reference now stand as an interesting example of the lack of penetration the current companies have and the potential market we still have yet to reach.

For what is worth, I've actually pimped both RPGO and you specifically on their forums and to the guys directly as examples of current companies/writers that still exemplify the commitment to good ole RPGs.

Do keep listening to the shows and you'll see how things evolve little by little. Also drop by the forums, introduce yourself and chat with us. Lastly, they just started the new Interview Series, and I think you'd be a good candidate for one, something that can be arranged. :)

Chuck said...

I hope this post doesn't sound harsh, that wasn't my intention.

My main thoughts while listening to these episodes were:

1. FASA rocked and they went under. That's depressing.

2. There's guys on a podcast wondering why other companies aren't emulating the practices of a company that made great games yet still went under.

That's REAL depressing.

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