Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Do not disturb

So about 10 months ago, while working on B&G II Special Ops Command, I posted a poem I found on a special ops website, because I liked it.

While I knew posting the poem itself was a slight breach of netiquette (I should have just linked to it) I thought I was being helpful. It was good stuff, why not share the love right?

Well the other day I received this in my email (I'm only posting the highlights here).

Charles Rice?     hmm?
Nope, I don't recall giving you permission to re-publish
my work.


But, as a "writer" you
must know the big chunk of "you" that comes out and
onto the paper when you write something like this.
So sorry. I thought people wrote things, then posted them on public websites because they wanted them to be read.

Now I realize that, as a "writer" the "you" that comes out on the page really just wants to be left alone.

Happy to oblige.


Walt said...

Wow... Attack of the net nerd.

You say you found the poem on a special ops website? The problem with stuff like that is they are most often posted by "groupies" who have never been and will never be.

I used to be an operator back in the day. I am a writer now. A little exposure would have gone a long way and this person is being up tight.

My next battlefield haiku is for you sir!

Chuck said...

Lol, yeah.

When I first got the email, I frantically went looking through all the B&G II books, thinking I had accidentally quoted this guy's poem in one of my books without permission.

Then I realized he meant my *blog*.

In other words, I was posting it in one imaginary box, rather than the imaginary box of his choice.

So then I got ticked lol.

Still, if he doesn't want it here, that's his decision, which is why I removed it before I vented (complete with John Cleese apology).

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