Monday, February 19, 2007

Why TV sucks

Because the West Wing did not end with Martin Sheen (the President) going insane and being assassinated by Christopher Walken.


Larry Clapp said...

On the plus side, the most recent The Office featured a bat, and Jim pretending to Dwight that he'd been bitten, and subsequently pretended that his girlfriend's garlic bread was "white hot", and that another co-worker's crucifix threw a blinding glare, and finally left for the day with his collar up to block the sun, and shielded his head from the sun in the parking lot. Director? Joss Whedon, thank-you-very-much.

(Sarah Michelle Gellar did not guest-star; would that have been totally awesome, or just silly, I can't decide? :)

Chuck said...


Joss always claims he has no free time but apparently he has enough to do all sorts of cool things.

Like direct the Office and write comics.

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