Wednesday, January 10, 2007


First bit of news:

So, my draft of the Game Master's Guide to WWII is done! And like all good plans, the book lineup we announced um... a couple days ago, has not survived first contact with the enemy. It occured to me that people might need small arms before they need vehicles, so I'm doing a Small Arms of WWII book now.

I had intended to put small arms with the ground vehicles, but I dont think I like that idea so much anymore.

Second bit of news:

I've got some more installments of "10 questions" on the way. Up next, Fraser Ronald of Sword's Edge Publishing and Russ Morrissey, proprietor of the biggest d20 website on the planet other than WOTC's official site.

Third bit of news:

My comics are here! So, expect some old school reviews of The Invaders, Marvel Team-Up and Power Man/Iron Fist in the coming days.

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