Monday, February 15, 2010

Stranded on a Distant Star: specialists

This ties into my earlier post on scavenging.

One thing I'd really like to accomplish in Stranded is have those "away team" specialists really shine.

I am not sure if I will succeed at this, but I'd love for Botanist or Archaeologist to be viable character specializations.


mikelaff said...

maybe Ars Magica style troupe play would be an option? Lets the players select the character most suited to the current mission. Not unlike an away team...

mikelaff said...

and - yay! - 6 patrons!

Jim Clunie said...

Glad to be here!

I'm probably not adding anything new, but a botanist or archaeologist might make himself useful (maybe not indispensable) in a couple of ways:
- gathering necessary items and information to survive, improve and escape from the planet - including, for the archaeologist, figuring out languages and archaic technology
- finding and protecting the party from hazards

Vigilance said...

Jim, thanks for contributing!

And yeah, I agree they would all be useful. The challenge will be, can I make them as fun as blowing shit up would be.

I suspect I'll wind up with a Scientist class, allowing for the Spock-like guy who's good at LOTS of sciences, rather than a group wanting a Botanist *and* an Archaeologist.

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