Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stranded Logo

Some folks have asked for a "stranded" logo.

I've been asked about art as well, and its WAY too early to talk about that yet. I'm not sure the project will happen, or exactly what direction it will take.

I'm trying to think of it generally, since part of the whole point would be for the patrons to have a lot of input in the game. If I make up my mind on anything (including art style) before that, it would defeat the purpose.

But a logo, well that's different. I made it web-banner sized, and as always, in accordance with Chuck's Grand Unifying Field Theory of Logos/Cover Text, priorities 1-100 are MAKE IT READABLE AT THUMBNAIL SIZE.

To everyone making covers and logos out there, I think this is way more important than how it looks, which was barely squeaked out of my top 100, landing at position #101.

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