Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Stranded on a Distant Star: scavenging

One of the challenges I'm going to face with Stranded is how to make scavenging meaningful in game.

This is a game where two very different cultures are both trying to repair a very complicated piece of machinery (a starship) and also keep their weapons in good repair.

They're also going to need to "scavenge" natural things like food and medicine.

Of course, no game should be totally ABOUT these things, but I like the idea that your "treasure" might be a stand of plants providing medicine your group desperately needs, or something to fix that broken rifle you've been packing around since the crash.

Something I like about this is that I might be able to use "away team" skills you don't normally see in a game. Being a botanist, who comes to understand the local flora and how it can be used to help the survivors, might actually be an interesting character to play.

I have some ideas for how this will work mechanically, at least ones that are percolating.

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