Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stranded on a Distant Star: influences

A lot of folks (including my playtesters) hear the synopsis for "Stranded on a Distant Star" and think Aliens.

Now for people who KNOW me, I assumed this was because anyone who spends more than 10 minutes in my vicinity will realize I have an unhealthy obsess- um- deep, abiding love for that movie.

In fact, Aliens is a distant third influence on "Stranded". Number one would be Alpha Centauri, Sid Meier's classic strategy game about various factions who crash on an unexplored alien world. Huh, that does have a ring to it doesn't it?

Second influence would be "Enemy Mine", an absolute gem of a sci-fi movie about two alien pilots from opposite sides of an interstellar war who both crash on an unexplored planet and survive by working together.


mikelaff said...


Chuck said...

That would be my group. Calling them playtesters doesn't mean we're playtesting THIS yet, just that they're always playtesting SOMETHIN'.


JasonA said...

A question - in the past when you've created a new setting, you've tended to have a huge focus on the rules but only give a framework/outline for the setting (eg: Fantasci20). Is that how you are planning on doing this project?

(I'm not claiming this is bad or anything! It's just my preference is the opposite)

Chuck said...

Well- again, how much crunch vs. fluff there is will be guided by the patrons.

I have done more evenly balanced works, like Legends of Excalibur, usually it just depends on where the writing leads me.

Chuck said...

Jason A:

Something else I'd like to point out is that in everything I put out, time pressure is a big factor on how these books come together.

Most of my books I can afford to spend about one month of design work on them.

Blood and Fists, for example, was written in less than 30 days.

So one of the big advantages of funding a project like this, is that I will in fact be able to take more time one it.

Walt said...

I can hear the Beep... Beep... in my head as we speak...

They're Everywhere MAN!


JasonA said...

As I said, please don't think that I'm saying there's anything wrong with having a framework setting. And I certainly realise that there are outside factors (like time) that can influence what you're able to put in.

It's just I would have near zero interest in whatever rules were included (except perhaps from a publisher perspective looking to pull something into my own projects) - my sole interest would be in the setting.

Chuck said...

Yeah, I understand what you're saying. The setting is something pretty intriguing to me as well.

My goal for this is about 50/50 right now between setting and crunch.

I'd like the game to be complete but that's just my druthers.

If the patrons wanted something that required Modern20 (or d20 Modern) to run, I could certainly design that.

My assumption is though, based on my "CV" as our British friends would say, that folks would want some new crunch out of me as well.

I do it pretty well.

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