Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stranded on a Distant Star: character interaction

Along with scavenging, this is something I thought of very early for Stranded (character interaction is in the initial pitch).

There's been a lot of discussion of interaction skills (Diplomacy, Intimidate etc.) in d20 games of late, with many coming to outright loath these skills, while others merely see them as problematic.

For myself, I guess I'd take a middle view but it is something I want to take a hard look at in "stranded", since this is a game that's all about putting old animosities behind you and working with former enemies.

Like many problems I have with d20 skills, my main problem with interaction skills isn't that they supplement role-playing so much as their "all or nothing" nature.

All d20 skills work on a pass-fail basis. Pick the lock or stay outside. Sneak past the guard or get noticed.

One thing I'm looking at is a little more granularity. Instead of pass fail, you would have a range of options.


Steve Peterson said...

All the stuff in my Skill Focus: Talking is open content and it takes a different approach to the roleplaying skills so you might want to look at that.

Chuck said...

Thanks Steve, I will give that a look if I get a chance.

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