Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sample Power: Blast

Blast (one energy type)
You can release a damaging attack at range
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: 20 ft. times your power level
Effect: You inflict 1d4 points per power level on your target. Characters struck by this power may save for one-half damage. If you attack a target with your blast multiple times, only roll one saving throw and apply the results against all attacks that round.

There are three types of damage that can be inflicted by a blast: energy, physical or psychic. You must choose one type of damage when this power is selected.

In addition to deciding what sorts of defenses will protect against your blast, the energy type you select determines the saving throw used to resist the aura’s damage as follows: energy (Reflex), physical (Fortitude) or psychic (Will).

Blast attacks are not fine-tuned enough to effect a specific part of the body, meaning you cannot make called shots and do not have to roll for hit location when making a blast attack.
Accurate: Your blast power is fine-tuned enough to make called shots against specific hit locations (though you still do not roll a random hit location- you can just attack a specific part of a target if you desire). This functions as the Called Shot perk found in the Modern20 core rules, except the Power Control skill is used in place of the Firearms skill.
Area Effect: Your blast power can cover a wide area and affects all characters in a single square if you desire (you may still attack a specific target if you desire).

If you take this stunt a second time your blast can affect all characters in 10-foot radius (friend and foe) or you can attack a specific character.

You may take this stunt as many times as desired, adding 10 feet to the radius affected each time.
Autofire: You may attack with your blast 5 times per round regardless of your level. This functions as the Burst Fire perk found in the Modern20 core rules, except the Power Control skill is used in place of the Firearms skill.
Power Specific Limitations
Scattershot (PL +1 or higher): You must have Area Effect stunt to take this limitation. You cannot choose to attack a single target with your blast, only an area. If you take the Area Effect stunt once (meaning your blast affects an entire square) the power level of your blast is increased by +1. This bonus increases for each additional time you take the Area Effect stunt (meaning the wider area your blast affects the greater the limitation bonus).

This should give folks an idea where we're heading design wise.

To be clear, power level is determined by your Power Level feats. How many times you take this feat determines your overall power level.

So if you had taken the Power Level feat three times, the power level of all your powers would be 3.

Individual powers might have a higher power level through limitations.


mikelaff said...


hey - speaking of supers and gaming - - did you know they were working on a Mortal Kombat VS DC fighter?

Walt said...

This is looking sweet... Any chance we might see a sample character using the blast power? Also... how soon before we see Supers20?


Vigilance said...

Mike: yeah, I saw that! Unfortunately, I'm not big into fighters, but my sister is stoked!

Walt: Definitely! My plan is to do sample characters as we lead up to the release, some from comics and some of my own design.

As for when the book will drop, I can never say for sure, though I'm on page 9 so far! lol

Don't miss the latest RPGO podcast either (which will be released soon), we talk more about the game there.

Walt said...

Sweet! Lookin forward to the RPGO podcast!

Best Regards,

Vigilance said...

Yeah we recorded it yesterday, and Chris usually gets them up pretty quick, so it should be up soon!

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