Saturday, May 03, 2008

What's Next (various news bits)

Just because I've been somewhat quiet here (though I have continued the RPGObjects podcast) doesn't mean plans haven't been being laid.

Now that things are moving again on the RPGO front, here's some various small news bits:

1. Next up from me, relatively quickly, will be a Modern20 issue of the Modern Dispatch. Hit locations have really changed the way my home group games, and new wrinkles to modern20 combat have been in use here at Chez Rice for awhile now.

In particular, grappling and cover have been changed much more dramatically by the addition of hit locations to the game.

This dispatch will bring these rules to the rest of you. Now, instead of a grapple assuming that you've grabbed your target around the middle, a grab to the leg will have a different effect than a grab to the arm.

Also, instead of "partial cover: +4 defense", this upcoming article will let you know what hit locations are protected by cover. So kneeling behind the door of a car will protect some locations, while leaning around a corner to squeeze off a shot will protect different locations.

2. Up after that will be Supers20 and the official supers setting for Modern20: Dark Future.

These three projects should take up about the next 60 days or so (hopefully less- but that's the time I've budgeted).

After that, it's either space opera, or mechs.



Walt said...

So when will we see the impending dispatch?

Chuck said...

Soon, I'm writing it right now.


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