Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Supers20: taking requests

So we are nearing the point where I will be able to show Supers20 through NPCs.

Does anyone have any classic marvel characters they'd like to see to get a feel for how the system will look?


HWY_Z said...

Monica Rambeau - not really a classic, but she's Marvel. Also from NEXTWAVE.

Iron Man - wanna see how you handle technology-based "powers"

Dr. Strange - how do magic-based heroes stack up?

d :D said...

Power Pack (all of them)




Captain Marvel (DC not Marvel)

Anonymous said...

Original Human Torch
Captain America

Anonymous said...

The original Heroes for Hire: Power Man (Luke Cage) and Iron fist (Danny Rand, Kung-Fu Billionaire!). Alternatively, their sometime girlfriends Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, the Daughters of the Dragon.

Walt said...

ok... I know this is a weird one...




mikelaff said...

I'm a fan of the cosmic/space-based heroes.

So - on the Marvel side - I'd love to see Nova - either classic version or in his current Uber-Centurion version.

Silver Surfer or old school Captain Mar'vell could be interesting too.

And if you really want to do the upper end of the Supers20 power curve - Galactus. Either the classic funny purple hat version or the Warren Ellis/Ultimates/Movie swarm o' planet-eating evil version.

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