Thursday, May 15, 2008

Supers20: a little taste

Power Control
This skill represents training in the use of your superhuman abilities. This training is not necessarily formal. Patrolling the streets and teaching thugs about justice will do.

This skill appears on no class skill list. It is only available to those who select the Power Level feat (see new feats below).

Push: In times of stress, you can call on reserves of energy to push your powers to greater heights. On a skill check of 15 or higher, your powers operate at a higher power level for one minute. If this skill check fails, you are fatigued until you have 1 hour of rest.

Pushing affects all your powers, causing them to operate as if you had more Power Level feats than you actually do. The bonus to your power level is determined by your ranks in the Power Control skill, as shown in the table below.

Alternately, you can push your power level by double the amount on the table below, for a single round.

At the end of this time (10 rounds or 1 round) you are fatigued until you have 1 hour of rest (no combat, movement at greater than one-half speed, investigating or other taxing activities can be undertaken during this time).

If you are fatigued, you may still use this skill to push your powers, but the skill check DC is 20. Failing this skill check causes you to become exhausted. If you successfully use this skill to push your powers, you are exhausted when the duration ends (either 10 rounds or 1 round).

You cannot use this skill use if you are exhausted.

Stunt (requires perk): Skilled power users can get more out of their powers than unskilled users. Most of the power feats below have stunts listed in their descriptions. Each time a character selects this perk, he can select one stunt for a power feat he possesses.


Walt said...

Damn this looks good...


Chuck said...


There's a table that goes along with it that I left out, because tables always end up looking like crap in blog posts.

Still, being able to temporarily increase your power level by +3 at 12 ranks should have a lot of appeal, when you consider +3 power level= spending 3 feats on your power level.

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