Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What is Fantasci?

Once we were legends. Walking side by side with creatures of myth on farflung worlds, soaring through the skies with ease and even mounting chariots that approached the realm of the Gods themselves. For his arrogance man was struck down and the Gods’ fury scorched the world. Despite this grave punishment and the warnings of the Church of the True, there are those who persist in experimenting with machines, called “infernal tech” for weaponry and transportation. Even more disturbing to the Church are those who have embraced black magic and witchcraft. For these transgressions the Black Horde walk the land. Against these hordes heroes emerge, some using the very infernal tech the Church says has caused the Gods to visit another punishment on mankind.

Fantasci is about those who stand against the Black Horde. Heroes to the people, heretics to the church, they are the Men of Legend. The Heroes of Fantasci.

Fantasci is a fantasy role-playing game using an all-new rules light d20 set developed by Charles Rice. This RPG brings the style and flair of popular Japanese RPGs to the d20 system.

This RPG is being developed on a ransom model, meaning Chuck will begin work on the book after donations have reached the threshold of $600. Those who donate will receive access to a members-only group to shape the course of the game with Chuck. The names of each and every contributor will appear on the title page.

The game will be released as a free PDF when it is completed, meaning those who donate will have given the gift of this new and exciting RPG to the gaming world.

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