Saturday, January 06, 2007

Starting Campaign area: CC3

So I bought Campaign Cartographer 3 the other day. Nifty nifty stuff. Played around with it for a bit, made a beginning area for a D&D campaign.

Not the best image, but here's what I have so far: Village of Cana, on the shores of the lake to the south. This village will be the PC's home base between adventures.

North up the river are the Towers of Misery. Once formidable castles that overlook the river, they are now inhabited by orcs, who use them as a base to raid Cana downriver.

These raids are aided using rafts and the further north one travels the greater chance there is of encountering one of these raiding parties.

As their numbers grow and as they become more adept at this new (for them) tactic of river raiding, the orcs get bolder and move further south. Eventually there numbers will be sufficient to attack the village in force and either pillage or destroy it.

These are your basic "starter dungeons". Taking them would reduce orc attacks in the immediate area and allow the village to station its own guards in the ruined towers, controlling the river and greatly reducing raids.

Further north is the ancient city of Forlorn, once a city on a scale the inhabitants of Cana can only imagine. This ruined city is inhabited by orcs, bugbears, ogres and even more dangerous creatures. It's underground areas contain even more dangerous creatures.

The hills and mountains along the river contain numerous monster lairs as well as a dwarf city the PCs can visit for adventure and trade.

The forest at the far northern edge is the Ogre Wood, a very dangerous area for low level adventurers that is inhabited by bugbears, ogres, some giants and evil treants (these are very rare).

It serves as a boundary for low level adventurers and an adventure locale for medium level characters.

That's all for now. Just something I sketched up for fun while playing with CC3 that will probably make its way into my game at some point.


Daniel M. Perez said...

Charles, what is CC3's policy regarding publishing maps done with their software?

Chuck said...

Their policy is that they have as much say over what you do with their software as the guy who sells you a word processing program.

In other words, you can use their maps commercially or whatever.

Daniel M. Perez said...

Sweet. Thanks!

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