Friday, January 05, 2007

Marvel Team-Up

I'm just gonna say this: I *freaking* love this comic. It should never have been cancelled.

For the non-comics literate among you, Marvel Team-Up was an attempt to capitalize on Marvel's hottest property in the 70's, Spider Man (oddly enough, you could argue that he is STILL their hottest property today).

Each issue, Spider-Man teamed up with a different hero. What's slick about the way MTU worked is that it leveraged the appeal of Spider Man in several ways: first it gave fans a look at heroes that were a little off the beaten track like Ghost Rider and Black Widow; second, it gave Marvel a chance to try out new creators, like a young Chris Claremont.

The books were continuity-free, with most stories lasting only one issue. I *think* the longest story ever in MTU was Claremont's epic Spider Man/Black Widow/Nick Fury/Shang Chi team up (with each being introduced in their own issue to cater to the "team-up format", but then sticking around once they had appeared.

You read that right.


As part of my Big Back-Issue Buying Spree (TM) I bought several of these (that order still hasn't arrived though grrr).

When it does, expect me to wax poetic about how great this book is again.


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