Monday, January 01, 2007

Things that didn't suck about 2006

What draws my admiration? What is it that brings me joy?

Well in 2006 one of those things was Gamespot. As someone who loves gaming and consumer electronics, of course I want all the latest info on the nexus of those two fields: video games. Gamespot has reviews, previews, video of games and even downloadable game guides (I think you have to be a subscriber to download the guides though).

But on top of that awesomeness, there's also the Hotspot, a free weekly podcast about games that's just damn funny and better than most things I've heard on the actual radio, On the Spot, a weekly video podcast where the gamespot crew plays video games live and takes your questions while they're playing, and Button Mashing, a game show where contestants play video games against the gamespot crew or even (in one hilarious episode) Jack Black.

In short, if you're into games or just want a lot of free AV-type goodies, Gamespot is a site you should visit daily.

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