Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Second New Voyages trailer

I love New Voyages. It speaks to the geek in me in ways best not discussed in polite company. I know the guys are working out of pocket, but I can't wait to see this one. An episode about Chekov with the Klingons as bad guys written by DC Fontana?

I am so there.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm there with you.

In fact, I'm there because of you. I had no idea about the new voyages until you posted about them.

Yes, they're campy, home produced, and by God, better than Enterprise and Voyager. To me, they have more of the Star Trek spirit than I've seen in Star Trek in a long, long time.
Good fun.

Chuck said...

New Voyages is almost "pro am" as fan films go.

There's a LOT of people working on it that are or have been Hollywood pro's (Special effect maven Ron Moore, writer DC Fontana, actors Walter Koenig and George Takei).

For a real fan film you might check out Hidden Frontiers (

They also make interesting fan films, but since they aren't industry vets, the early episodes are REAL rough.

You literally get to see them learn how to craft a story and tell it on camera which is occasionally awkward.

The FX are amazing though, the guy who does them should have a job in Hollywood.

They recommend you start with Season three and that's probably a good bet.

Of all the fan films I've encountered, these are two of the best for satisfying that trek fix.


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