Wednesday, June 28, 2006

And because there's never enough good music or good beer: Man of Constant Sorrow

If you've seen "O Brother Where Art Thou" you've heard this song by this singer. It's a very old (like 40 years old) Bluegrass classic by one of the Patriarchs, Ralph Stanley. When Clooney and Turturro sing it in the movie, it's a great moment.

Well behind all the movie magic, it's Union Station, Alison Krauss' backup band doing the singing and they're incredible.

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Anonymous said...

I've had trouble selecting bluegrass that I really like. I'm pretty new to the genre so I have no idea what to ask for. So I signed up for Launch Yahoo to get the subscription to all their "stations". It's only like $5 a month. Anyway, they have a bluegrass station. That's been really a great value to get more exposure.

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