Thursday, June 29, 2006

Matt Damon as Kirk, Ben Affleck as Spock?

Via trekweb (quoting the Boston Herald) Kevin Smith had this to say about the rumors that JJ Abrams has been talking first to Ben Affleck and then to Matt Damon about roles in his upcoming Star Trek XI:

Gabbing with the Boston Herald about buddy Ben Affleck, Clerks II director Kevin Smith spoke of Matt Damon rumored as Kirk in JJ Abrams' film: "I wonder if Matt would even do it. He's usually not that interested in treading where others have trod. He likes to break new ground. But if they wind up casting Matt as Kirk, they should cast Ben as Spock. It seems like a no-brainer!"

I actually agree that this would be a good choice for several reasons:

1) Matt Damon is a good actor. Matt can bring the intensity. He's also able to condition and train himself to kick some ass (watch the Bourne movies sometime).
2)Ben Affleck is a good actor (I *know* I *know*, it's really in vogue to bag on him, but go back and watch Good Will Hunting and Shakespeare in Love some time).
3) The most important thing about Kirk and Spock is their chemistry. We know these two guys would have it.
4) Kevin Smith is never wrong.

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Anonymous said...

I have to disagree on Affleck as Spock...VERY BAD IDEA! If you want to work the chemistry between him and Damon, then Bones is the answer, NOT Spock.

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