Saturday, June 03, 2006

Modern Dispatch

Something's coming up that I'm really proud of, so I thought I'd take a moment to share.

It isn't everyone who can say they started a successful e-zine, but in late August 2004 that's exactly what Chris and I did. We called it the Modern Dispatch, to make it sound news-papery and it was a monthly.

We published it this way for just about a year, with yours truly writing about half of those (I wrote 5 of the first 11 issues). But then, we decided to bring others in on the act and partnered with some other talented and prolific game companies, specifically horror mavens 12 to Midnight, producers of Pulp goodness Adamant and righteous Ronin Arts.

With four companies on board, the Dispatch went weekly and now, as we are poised on looking at our 2-year anniversary, there's another milestone the magazine is looking at as well: Issue #100.

We're discussing doing something special and I'm frankly a little hopeful that I get to design it. Just feels right. It is one of the professional accomplishments I'm most proud of in some ways and something that I think helps, all on its own, to make Modern one of those "games to watch".

For me as a consumer support makes a game worth playing. Well Modern certainly has that.

Here's to 100 issues more.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think Modern Dispatch is the single best RPG product concept since the OGL. I too was very proud to have a submission be accepted to it.

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