Friday, June 27, 2008

That power that lets you make that dude with the bow

Unique Weapon
You have an amazing weapon.
Duration: Permanent
Range: You
Effect: You have a standard weapon that gains a bonus equal to one-half your power level. This bonus may be spent on the following things:
· Grant a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls (maximum +5).
· Imbue the weapon with +1d6 cold, electricity, fire, radiation or sonic damage.
· Inflict +1d6 additional damage on a called shot or precision strike (this represents an especially sharp edged weapon or a vicious, bone-breaking blunt weapon).
· Inflict damage to an entire square. If this taken a second time the weapon inflicts damage in a 10’ radius. Each additional time this is taken the weapon’s damage extends another 10 feet.
· Inflict no damage, inflict Blindness or Deafness on a successful attack, unless a Fortitude saving throw succeeds (DC equal to 15+ your power level).
· Ricochet (as described under the Blast power above).
For example, a hero at Power Level 10 would have a total bonus of +5. He could have his unique weapon gain a +5 bonus to hit and damage, inflict +5d6 electricity damage on a successful attack, or have a +2 bonus to hit and damage and inflict +3d6 electrical damage on a successful attack.


Variable Weapon: You can change the properties of your weapon from round to round. This could represent a weapon that can change according to your mental command, or an archer with a blinding variety of specialty arrows, and so forth.

Note: This power does not require the Device limitation as the weapon could be one you can recall to your hand with a thought, or one which is impossible for anyone else to duplicate or use (such as an immovable hammer, or blade of psychic energy generated from your body).

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