Thursday, June 05, 2008

A generic energy projector

Elite Energy Projector (Speedfreak 12): HD 12d8+36; HP 108; Init +7; Spd 35 ft (Fly 160 ft); Defense 29, flatfooted 22 (+7 Dex, +12 Class); BAB +9; Atk +8 melee (by weapon), or +17 ranged (8d4+0, energy blast); SQ Need for speed, 4 DR physical and energy; AL none; SV Fort +9, Ref +15, Will +5, Rec +7; Rep +6; Str 8, Dex 24, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 12.
Background: Criminal
Occupation: Soldier: Perks 2+2 power stunt (Tumble, Area Blast 10 feet, 1 power stunt unspent)
Hobby: Firearms
Skills: Acrobatics 15 (+22), Athletics 15 (+14), Crime 4 (+4), Firearms 4 (+11), Perception 4 (+5), Power Control 15 (+18), Streetwise 15 (+16), Vehicles 4 (+11)
Feats: Attack Focus (blast), Blast (energy), Flight, Force Field, Superhuman Dexterity, Power Level x8, 2 Unspent
Access/Contacts/Followers: Varies (6 points)
Wealth: 11
Possessions: NoneCharacter Disadvantages: Varies

So here's an example of one thing we're doing in Supers20.

Modern20 ended with a presentation of generic NPCs to make the GMs life easier. Given that supers is, if anything, harder to run, we're doing that again, this time with a twist.

Some people didn't like how specific the Modern20 NPCs were. They weren't really generic, they each had a strong niche.

In Supers20, we're addressing that concern by leaving some of the NPCs feats unspent. In a supers context, this has a dramatic effect on the character.

Imagine the character above, if you spent his two feats on Earth Control and Fire Control.

Now imagine the same character with Telekinesis and Magic.

Voila! With the addition of a couple of feats, you have a vastly different character in just a few minutes.

It's my hope that this will take some of the burden off the GM and allow him to throw together simple scenarios quickly.


mikelaff said...

Smart move.
A cast of supers archetypes (Energy Projector, Speedster, Street Avenger, Armored Hero etc) would be very handy.

Just my grubby two cents - I'd recommend a 2nd roster of slighly modified, finished stats that could be used as stock enemies. YMMV

Chuck said...

Keep in mind that these NPCs are in addition to those found in the campaign models, which will be complete in every way, with full stats as well as personalities and disadvantages.

These generic NPCs are just a supplement to the full-blown NPCs in the book.

mikelaff said...


Hey - random followup throught: Minion and henchmen stats are always handy too. Nothing like having disposable ninja stats at your fingertips

Chuck said...

That's sort of what these are for. If the villain has a random energy projector thug on his side, you tweak one of these.

For non-powered thugs, Id use the generic NPCs in the Modern20 book.

At least, between the two books, you'll have a lot of NPC statblocks, both specific and generic to draw from when you need NPCs in a hurry.

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