Sunday, June 29, 2008

Living! Legends! Line-ups!

That's right true believers! I am writing Living Legends: Heroes and Villains of WWII as we speak!

You poor, poor people have not yet seen Supers20 but I am writing the second (!) supplement for it as we speak, currently 18 pages and counting of WWII super-powered goodness.

I've felt a little guilty at having all this awesome to myself, so I've already given you two of the heroes from this book on the sly: Minuteman, an American hero and Excalibur, a British hero.

And now, in my continuing drive to share the wealth, I present to you the complete line-ups of the WWII superhero teams, Britain's Crown Guard and America's Vigilance Force.

Crown Guard

Big Ben

London lawyer originally deemed unfit for military service. Mutant powers of growth manifested in a collapsing bomb shelter, saving himself and the civilians trapped with him.


One of two sons of the WWI hero Excalibur. Early in the war the twins fought side by side as Sword and Stone, with Sword wielding their father's magic sword, the legendary Excalibur, while his brother Stone wore the Armor of the Templars and the Amulet of St. George.

The two brothers fought valiantly to save Winston Churchill from Kampfgruppe Eugenik on the eve of the Battle of Britain, a battle they one at the cost of Stone's life. Now one brother continues on, wielding all three holy relics as Excalibur.


A man with no past. The world's greatest spy. Is he a mutant? No one knows. All they know is that he can get anywhere and, despite being a below average physical specimen, emerge unharmed from the heaviest firefight.

Serves as the Crown Guard's point man and tactical advisor.


An artificially intelligent machine created by the mysterious Dr. Sorenson, Ironclad is self-aware, 12 feet tall and has had the laws of robotics suspended by his creator for the duration of the conflict.


When James O'Sullivan's fighter was shot down during the Battle of Britain, his mutant powers manifested. As Repulse, he has complete control over magnetism allowing him to shred enemy tanks with a thought.


The son of WWI hero Nautilus, Swordfish is superhumanly strong and can move at superhuman speeds on land, in the air and in the water. His specialty is disabling enemy shipping with his bare hands, allowing much needed war supplies from the Arsenal of Democracy to reach Britain unmolested.

Vigilance Force

Captain Miracle

Discovered at a carnival sideshow, this mutant is the smartest man on Earth. In addition to a powerful sonic cannon, he has constructed the Night Flyer, the world's first jet aircraft, capable of carrying the entire Vigilance Force anywhere in the world at an estimated 800 mph!


President Roosevelt's National Crime Czar has gone from busting stills in Chicago during Prohibition to searching out the most powerful men and women of Vigilance Force! After recruiting, organizing and training the team, Deuce will remain in America to guard the homefront from saboteurs and seek out new heroes as they emerge.

Freight Train

Superhuman speed and strength combine into a powerful package. Banned from football when his mutant ability to run at 70 mph and lift 6 tons emerge, Freight Train now plays for the greatest team of all: America.


Where did she come from? Details aren't forthcoming, all we know is that this brainy beauty shoots down enemy aircraft from the back of a flying insect! Just don't call her a Queen Bee!


Another recent addition to the team, Sgt. Max Morley brings the fighting spirit of the Marine Corps to Vigilance Force! I bet the rest of the Marines wish they were bulletproof, and fireproof. That's right Uncle Adolf, bullets bounce off the skin of this marine!


In every war since the Revolutionary War a mysterious hero named the Minuteman has emerged. But this knight has a suit of shining armor to go with the legendary speed of past Minutemen.

Old Glory

Master of fire, this teenage sensation is a Fourth of July fireworks display ready to light up the skies over Tokyo, then Paris and then Berlin!


You have to see him to believe him! Talon, the boy raised by wolves who travels with his very own pack! Watch out you German "wolf packs" because ours are bigger and meaner than anything you ever imagined.


mikelaff said...

Swordfish - The son of WWI hero Nautilus,

Hey - World War One supers??

I'm smelling a Supers20 and Soldiers and Spellfighters cross-over!

err - or maybe not.
Something to think about anyway.

btw - gave you a shout-out over on my LJ

but don't get too excited - I think I have two readers.

Walt said...

Oh man I love cross overs! I can't wait to get to the comic shop and pick up all the books I have been stockpiling for the past year!

IN any case, if you can smell a Soldiers and Spellfighters crossover... That is a meal I want to present for...

Good to be home!

Ps... Old Glory Rocks like an avalanche!

Chuck said...

Beyond Excalibur and Nautilus, there's only a few WWI heroes I've done.

In terms of the "Official Supers20" chronology, which I might put back into print at some point, WWI is the beginning of the "modern super", where meta-humans adopt costumes and secret identities.

They exist before that, but not in the same way.

As for Old Glory, yeah, he's one of my all-time favorite characters that I've created. I guess it shows.

He's the Captain America of the Supers20 comics universe.

mikelaff said...

Welcome home, Walt.
We'll have to see what Chuck says. But with multiverses being all the rage in the comics world the last couple of years - a reality-spanning cross-over from Supers20 to Soldiers and Spellfighters20 doesn't seem too far fetched.

(Heck, Werewolf: Wild West and Deadlands pulled it off a few years back - and they weren't even from the same company.)

I've already got portals to other worlds in S+S20 - - all it takes is a supervillain in Supers20 whose experiments into teleportation goes horribly wrong - ripping open a portal into the world or Soldiers and Spellfighters20 and he tries to strike a deal with the Red Dragons who are invading Europe...ah, I'm already trying to write it..

Walt said...

NICE! Can't wait to catch up on all the products with a real internet connection (but first the wife has me cleaning the house)!


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