Saturday, June 14, 2008

Old Glory

Old Glory (Speedfreak 20): HD 20d8+60; HP 180; Init +10; Spd 30 ft, Fly 300 ft; Defense 40, flatfooted 30 (+10 Dex, +20 Class); BAB +15; Atk +14 melee (2d12-1 NL, martial arts), or +14 melee (17d4, fire aura), or +25 ranged (17d4+0, fire blast); SQ Need for speed, +15 saves vs. heat and fire, 30 DR vs. heat and fire, 4 DR physical (not vs. piercing); AL United States, Mutant Rights, U.S.H.E.R.; SV Fort +12, Ref +22, Will +7, Rec +9; Rep +20; Str 8, Dex 30, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 16.
Background: Military
Occupation: Superagent: Perks 4+4 power stunts (Group Cohesion, Inspire Courage, Professional Reputation x2; Fire Bolt, Immunity to Fire, Resist Fire, Quench Fire)
Hobby: Legal
Skills: Acrobatics 23 (+33), Influence 4 (+7), Legal 4 (+4), Perception 4 (+5), Leadership 23 (+26), Power Control 23 (+26), Unarmed 23 (+22), Vehicles 4 (+14)
Feats: Aura, energy (PL +2 limited energy type, fire), Career Advancement x2, Control Fire, Cross Training (Leadership), Evasion, Flight, Power Level x15, Superhuman Dexterity
Access/Contacts/Followers: Complete Access, Skill Contact (Lobbying Firm of McCoy-Munroe): 23 ranks Influence, Skill Contact (Tentacles Tomlinson): 23 ranks Streetwise, Supply Contact (U.S.H.E.R.): 48 wealth
Wealth: 16
Possessions: Concealable Vest (immune to fire)
Character Disadvantages: Code: Protect the innocent and helpless (DSR 5), Code: Defend mutant rights (DSR 5)
Background: Interview with Christian Thomason, a.k.a. Old Glory, done for Newstime special Man of the Century Issue asked how he got his famous name.

“I was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1925. One of the first mutants on record, so they tell me. I was inducted into the US Army- Air Corps on January 17th 1938, 3 days after my 13th birthday, and was sent to the Tuskeegee Superhuman Testing and Training Range, we called it the “STT”.

The Germans had their Eugenics Brigade already of course, and they were having a grand old
time high-stepping around Europe. Britain only had The Sword and the Stone at that time, and they had managed to send the Jerries scurrying home with their tails between their legs after the Battle of Britain, but no one else in Europe had anything like those Eugenics scientists, and they turned the tide of battle after battle, Hitler always yammering on about his “Master Race”.
But our intelligence boys told us the Germans didn’t make these “Ubermenschen”, they were just finding them, training them, and using their science to juice em up. So, the Army started rounding up anyone with unusual abilities. Hell we were all happy to join, and were aching to get in on the action. We knew the score.”

“I was the first, but it wasn’t long before I was joined by others. Over the course of that year I was joined by Raymont “Freight Train” Jefferson, they drafted him after his performance in the state football finals, kid broke 11 tackles, and 3 legs, on his way to the end zone for the winning touchdown.

Turns out Raymont could pick up cars as well as tacklers. One of those kids he busted up never did walk right again, damn shame, but Raymont did right by him, sent him part of his check every month till the day he died in that... well that’s a different story I guess. I always loved to watch Ray run though”.

“Then there was Fred Wilson, who army intelligence had picked up at a local circus, he had this act see, he’d let folks drive over radios with a car, then have those radios up and running again in 30 seconds or less. Called himself “Captain Miracle”, and I guess the Army liked it, cause they used that for his code name too. And me? Well I was given my code name by FDR himself.
It was December 8th 1939, and with everything else he had going, the President wanted to come down and have a look at us, make sure we were REALLY ready to stand up to the likes of Donnerschlag and Götterdämmerung. I was doing combat flying exercises, and I saw him first. Me and the boys had worked out a signal for him bein’ there, so we wouldn’t be cutting
up when he got there. We didn’t want him thinking we weren’t ready, we wanted to get in there and start pulling America’s weight.”

“So anyway, I saw him and snatched up the flag off the top of the PX and buzzed the boys on the ground with it, but I guess I wasn’t fast enough. Roosevelt saw me, and said to his wife, “Well if Old Glory’s flying with us I guess we’ll be all right after all”.

Old Glory. I liked that just fine. Those army boys had been wanting to call me the “Human Flamethrower” or some such nonsense. But Old Glory... well... let’s just say no one argued with Roosevelt. Except maybe Mrs. Roosevelt.”


Walt said...

That is the coolest bit of writing! I LOVED it! May Old Glory live in Infamy!


mikelaff said...

love the character bio/interview segment you have there.

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