Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Savant

The Savant (Brainiac 20): HD 20d8; HP 120; Init -1; Spd 30 ft; Defense 37, flatfooted 37 (-1 Dex, +13 Int, +15 Class); BAB +15; Atk +13 melee (by weapon -2), or +14 ranged (16d4+0, energy bolt); SQ Thinker, 8 DR physical and energy; AL Medusa, Old Glory; SV Fort +6, Ref +8, Will +15, Rec +6; Rep +11; Str 6, Dex 8, Con 10, Int 36, Wis 16, Cha 16.
Background: Criminal
Occupation: Superagent: Perks 3+4 power stunts (Cracking, Identity Theft, Electronics; Energy Bolt, Flight, Force Field, Super Followers)
Hobby: Firearms
Skills: Academics (Genetics) 23 (+36), Academics (Cybernetics/Robotics) 23 (+36), Chemistry 23 (+36), Computers 23 (+66), Crime 23 (+36), Engineering 23 (+36), Firearms 4 (+3), Leadership 23 (+26), Legal 23 (+36), Perception 23 (+26), Power Control 23 (+23), Read/Write Language (Ancient Greek, English, German, Japanese, Russian), Speak Language (Ancient Greek, English, German, Japanese, Russian), Streetwise 23 (+26), Vehicles 23 (+22)
Feats: Career Advancement, Computer Link, Control Energy (PL +1, worn device, personal, Hoverchair), Followers, Gadgetry, Master Plan, Power Level x15, Smart Defense, Superhuman Intelligence
Access/Contacts/Followers: Supply Contact (Medusa): 31 wealth, illegal equipment, Followers: Ophelia and Laertes, 4th level cybernetically modified Dobermans
Wealth: 16
Possessions: Varies
Character Disadvantages: Age: 71+ (DSR 3), Obsession: live forever (DSR 5)
Background: The following manuscript was found in a fireproof cylinder in the office of Gen. Fred Williamson, U.S.H.E.R. Director of Research and Development in the aftermath of a fire that consumed all research notes and materials at U.S.H.E.R.’s main headquarters underneath Liberty Tower.

It just isn’t fair. I’ve done so much for you, for all of you, sacrificed, oh god have I sacrificed. How many friends did we watch die Chris? How many times were we reactivated for “emergency situations”, thrown into harm’s way again and again?

And we did it all willingly for them, always willing to take one more chance for life, liberty, the American Dream. And I asked for one thing. Just one. Crazy they said. Trials on human subjects? Thousands of casualties? Short-sighted fools! I was talking about immortality! Not just for me, but for everyone! They claimed it would never work. How many of my inventions did they think would work Chris?

How many times did they call on me to solve the unsolvable? I missed VE Day working with them on that damn bomb. Well, no more playing the good soldier for me Chris. They owe me. I’m collecting. I never had any family, you know, just the Orphanage, and then The Brigade. You have always been the little brother I never had Chris, and I will always love you. And so, I’m going to ask you for just one favor: don’t come after me.

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