Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Fertile Crescent: sort of a design diary

I love the idea of design diaries. Looking into the mind of a designer like Cook or Mearls as they hone and craft a product or a setting ([Homer]mmmmm Ptolus[/Homer]) that is going to blow your mind. That's like game designer reality porn.

Part of my design philosophy for the Fertile Crescent has been to see how much of the kitchen sink I can throw at the PA genre and have it not seem silly. The world we live in as dead and a new one has risen from the ashes.

Who gets to decide what stays and what goes? You got that right: me.

To quote the oh-so-dreamy Leo from Titanic "I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD".

Ok so what stays?

1. Football: In the land of Lombardi and the "frozen tundra", not to mention the dawg pound and soldier field (those are football stadiums in Cleveland and Chicago for the sports illiterate among you) there is NO WAY football is going to be stopped by something as measly as the end of the world.

Therefore football becomes Skinball. It's like football, only with brass knuckles.

2. The Mafia: In the first place, Marlon Brando is the greatest film actor who ever lived and the Godfather is the best movie ever made. Got that? In the second place, what do these so-called criminals do for a living: drugs, gambling, prostitution and violence.

All of which are legal in the Twisted Earth.

The Mafia is going nowhere and has in fact thrived in the new world thankyouverymuch.

3. Planet of the Apes: This is the greatest Post Apoc film series ever made. Got that? Although we only get the Charlton "Moses" Heston for one movie, we at least get James Franciscus for the cheesy sequels. Oh and I include the TV series as cool too.

So we need an homage that but we wanted it to be subtle. A free PDF to the person who correctly identifies the Apes homage in the Fertile Crescent.

Hint: Lawgiver.

4. Dawn of the Dead: ANOTHER great PA movie, the Fertile Crescent's early list of "must haves" involved a place where the undead had won.

Enter the Feeding Grounds, a city overrun with an increasing number of cannibalistic ghouls since the Fall.

More when I have time...

Maybe this is going to be a real design diary after all...



Larry Clapp said...

Bugs. Lots of bugs.

This might help, too.

And don't forget all the various Mad Max motifs. :)

Larry Clapp said...

And don't forget Tank Girl. Or A Boy and his Dog. Even if don't include them, they're worth adding to your Netflix queue. :)

Chuck said...

All good flicks, although Tank Girl was tooo silly for me (of course Planet of the Apes could be silly too).

And Road Warrior is just a given (as are all the Mad Max movies), including my favorite moment in any PA movie- where Max eats the dog food while his dog watches and drools.

Chuck said...

And lest we forget the awesome cross-geek reference from Xander, season 7 of Buffy (Xander was good for the hardcore geek quotes):

"Thunderdome. Two men enter. One man leaves."

Larry Clapp said...

Tank Girl, silly??? Why, what do you mean, Sir? ;)

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