Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Master of the obvious: RPG file sharing hurts the hobby

And the award goes to this guy.

In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue.

I do, however, before I leave the issue with the brilliant (and might I add, damn witty) summation above have to call out a couple of the most lame arguments made on various sides of this issue:

  • I took an illegal file to my game and my group liked it so much they bought five! File sharing helps the hobby!
Wow. So when a shoplifter takes Tylenol instead of Bayer Aspirin, that's a sign of brand strength that Tylenol execs should be happy about. Gotcha.
  • If someone robs a bank, the bank doesn't have the money! If I download a PDF the guy who wrote it still has it. It's fictional property so I haven't stolen anything!
Someone call all the old people who have to work an extra 10 years because of Enron or Worldcom that it's ok because they still have their stock.


Larry Clapp said...

Shouldn't it have been this guy?

Chuck said...

Sure get technical on me.

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