Tuesday, November 15, 2005

So what have I been up to anyway?

So I've recently written a long book and a short book recently and felt like it was time to mention them for a change instead of the news of the weird (aka politics), science tech and message posts Ive been doing lately.

You know, work.

So I did a book for the Legends fantasy line called Legends of Sorcery that attempts to put to bed a nagging feeling I've had in my head for some time now: the feeling that the magic system in the Legends books was "ok" but not great.

Well hopefully I've done something about that. This will be the magic book for the Legends line from here on out, which will mean some changes to the line. For starters this will mean that we'll be able to do more Legends books since we won't need to reproduce the magic system every time.

Secondly this will cater to the historical gaming crowd out there who want something like the Bushido Handbook was for Legends of the Samurai. A historical fantasy game assuming there was no magic at all.

In other words those of you who'd rather leave magic by the wayside won't have to put up with 20 or so pages of whitespace (relatively speaking) anymore.

Secondly I did a little book for Darwin's World called Primals (although I'm hearing that might change to avoid confusion with *ahem* another product as they say) that brings mutated animals to a DW game near you.


C. Baize said...

I happen to like the Mana system. ;)
But I might be biased.

Chuck said...

Well, its not like I'm outlawing the Mana system lol. Feel free to continue using it :)

Just wanted to try for something that better captures how I see legendary fantasy.

In other words, no Vancian magic where the result of the spell is known before its cast.

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