Thursday, November 10, 2005


Positive that NO ONE is still reading this blog (well ok, almost no one) I decide to shake things up and post.

But not about work. Fuck that.

Ok maybe later.

I think the two coolest things going right now have to be:

Serenity. God that was a good movie. Im afraid it didnt make enough money for there to be more than one is the only I wish was different about it. Mmmm cannibals and chicks with superpowers.

Civilzation 4. My Islamic Mongol Hordes are going to RULE THE WORLD.

Plus its the best Civ game ever, and that means a lot on the street.



Prest0 said...

Welcome back! And to think I came *this* close to taking you off my daily list of blogs to check!

Serenity rocked, though the change in group dynamics stinks. Now the next movie I'm *really* anticipating is Narnia.

Chuck said...

See I thought the group dynamics in Serenity were the same as Firefly, just amped up three notches.

Simon and Mal always went round and round about River, and I could see Mal wanting to put River's "gifts" to work adding a new edge to that tension.

And as for Narnia, thanks for making me drool all over my keyboard AGAIN.

I am WAY more a fan of that book that LOTR. Cant wait.

Prest0 said...

Well, I mostly meant the change by the end of the movie, but now that you mention it I was a little disappointed that some aspects were necessarily downplayed for the sake of moving the story along. We hardly saw a private moment between Zoe and Wash, which didn't matter too much for old fans like me but might have been confusing for newcomers. There also wasn't one of those meal-time scenes when everyone is around the table like a family--though that one can be blamed on story-driven changes in the crew. Still, I'll be first in line when the DVD comes out.

Chuck said...

Yeah I missed not having a meal time scene as well, but that's the sort of scene I don't think you have much time for in a movie (sure Alien did it- but there was a really important reason- so unless something was going to pop out of Wash's chest and kill him shockingly, I don't think you have time for it).

Also, I think without Shepherd and Inarra there it wouldn't have felt the same anyway.

I would say the only thing that bugged me as a die-hard Firefly fan was the death of Book. Wash made more sense to me.

When Book died my reactions were 1) that he just felt like he had to kill someone or else it wasn't a movie 2)now we won't ever find out his story.

When Wash died I started to think he was going for a TPK, which was a great turn for the movie to take right then.

As for Wash and Zoe's relationship I can tell you I saw this movie with my Dad and he got that Wash and Zoe were married and that Wash was a loved member of the crew, and took it almost as hard as me when Wash died.

To me that's a pretty decent feat for the movie.

And yeah I'll be first in line for the DVD too.

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