Saturday, November 12, 2005

Microsoft to Google: We will bury you

Sounds like something out the Godfather doesn't it. Microsoft is going to the mattresses over the defection of a highly coveted employee. Here's the money quote:

I will bury them. I have done it before, I will kill them, he said. He was not finished, however. He threw a chair across the boardroom in sheer frustration.'

Where is this from? A Hollywood film starring Michael Douglas? A supari transaction in Dubai where a bhai is venting his anger against a rival gang? A meeting in the Command HQ in central Baghdad?

No. It is actually from a court testimony concerning -- hold your breath, as they say -- Microsoft's Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer, the man next only to God in the computer corporate hierarchy, next only to the omnipresent and omniscient Bill Gates.

Ah yes, Microsoft. Full story here.

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