Sunday, June 03, 2007

Nintendo DS

So I treated myself and got the Nintendo DS, a handheld gaming console I had been drooling over for some time. Though there were already a ton of games for the system I wanted to try (Final Fantasy III, Trauma Center, New Super Mario Brothers), the announcement of a prequel AND sequel to Final Fantasy XII as well as Dragon Quest IX as DS exclusives made this system a must have for me.

How crazy is it that the #1 RPG franchise in Japan (Dragon Quest) is *only* going to be on a handheld console? For comparison, earlier renditions of the game were on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Famicom, and the PS2 (DQ XIII). In other words, expensive, top of the line (for their day) full size home consoles.

I guess when Square said they would always put the DQ franchise on the #1 console in Japan, they freaking meant it.

In related news, I have re-upped with Gamefly (with New Super Mario Brothers and Trauma Center inbound) and I'm playing through Final Fantasy III, which rocks.

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