Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Developers shifting resources from X-Box 360 and PS3 to Wii

In a move that should come as a surprise to exactly no one:

According to a report from Variety Asia, Japan's top three third-party publishers are ramping up development for Nintendo's Wii and DS systems, at the expense of rivals Sony and Microsoft. Namco Bandai will reportedly increase Nintendo hardware development by 109 percent to 115 titles, Sega will up its titles by 96 percent to 49, and Capcom titles will rise by 5 percent to 20.


The report also states that another Japanese software giant, Square Enix, does not plan to develop any new titles for the PlayStation 3 until the console's installed base rises enough to make increased next-gen development costs worthwhile.
Huh, so the Wii is selling better than the PS3 and 360 and it's cheaper to develop games for? Why are these backstabbing companies abandoning poor little Sony and Microsoft?!?!


(That's to keep anyone from calling me a "gloating Nintendo fanboy")

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