Thursday, June 07, 2007


So I recently got a DS, have been sucked into the world of Final Fantasy III and it rules. A worthy installment to the series. 33 unlockable classes, 4 playable characters, an old-school RPG with almost endless tactical strategies for your party.

Ive also rented New Super Mario Brothers, a game that is decidedly old school, for the better. Mario games don't need to be 3-D. You only need to be able to go one direction. Awesome.

Then there's Trauma Center. Best game ever for the first 2 hours. Then the difficulty spikes ridiculously and it just gets stupid. Good thing I rented before I bought.

Also, I recently completed a big BIG BIG(!!!) project. Very rushed, very nice money.

When I can say more, I sure will.

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