Sunday, September 24, 2006

True 20 stuff

So I've been a little quiet here lately, which usually means I'm writing something for monetary gain (cause I'm a sell out like that).

And I think it's far enough along for me to share a bit.

RPGObjects scored a license to do some True 20 adaptations of our works and we decided to do a fantasy, a sci-fi and a modern.

I'm almost done with my conversion of the first, the fantasy work, a True 20 version of Legends of Excalibur.

I really like True 20, it's simple but robust enough to handle almost anything you need and felt right away that it was a perfect fit for Excalibur (a product I always thought was one of my best).

I'm almost done with the monster conversions, leaving me a boatload of NPCs from the "who's who" section.

More info as it become available.



Walt said...

Nice! Any hints on what you might do for the Sci-fi and modern...wink, wink

Chuck said...

If you think about it, the sci-fi should be super-obvious.

The Modern is actually still up in the air in my own mind. I'm not 100% sure if I want to do another setting or something crunchy.


Walt said...

The Sci fi one is super easy...Why not do something Dark Matter-esque? Since the d20 book is just about... well... a re-release and no one else is getting into quasi-mystical intrigue (is there such a genre?).

Then's your book...

Shake things up and see what comes tumbling out.


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